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There are special schemes for the tribal youth to give them vocational training and to update their skills to help them in self-employment.

Besides helping them in acquiring educational skills, it is incumbent upon the parents, teachers, and society as a whole to help them in finding their talents. The youth of any nation and society are its potential energy.

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Let us now take a glance at the power of the Indian youth sorted in the points below: Enthusiasm Say thanks to the DNA and genes or maybe the difference is because of the geographical mutations, the young India presents an extreme level of the enthusiasm. There has always been a great amount of debate on whether a single person has the power to change the world or can leave an influence on the world. Without these virtues being developed, our youth cannot walk in the desired way and they will remain in a deep slumber of complacency. They must focus in their physical as well as the mental development. Finally, the girls of the hostel went onto dharna in front of the main gate and were joined by other students as well. It is the youth which brings laurels to their country. Although the time this generation is living in is very different from the past, today the generation of youth is most interrelated than ever, today they are provided with more opportunities and facilities than ever and it is also today that the trials being faced by this generation are the most frightening ever. As the youth-led international development agency, Restless Development has seen that when young people can use their power to make sure promises are kept, everyone benefits. The young men and women of India should be fully involved in the creative work of nation-building and reconstruction. The brother and sister are working without any governmental support and just with the power of their will to spread education among poor children.

The newspaper headlines are jammed with the cases of molestation, rape and women harassment. They must learn how to behave in public, how to carry out different tasks and other stuff from an early age itself. The battle of life surely ended, but it saw the commencement of another battle amongst the people, especially the youth all around the globe.

Youth Essay 3 words Introduction Youth are an integral part of a nation. However, the youth today do not even know who lives next door. This instils them with a sense of responsibility and makes them ready to take on bigger responsibilities in life.

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Conclusion The youth has the power to make or mar a nation.

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The Power of youth