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There are two categories, one for youth and an open section. Applications close on 15 October each year.

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Curious about the benefits that sponsoring the Plain English Awards brings to your organisation? The judges of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults will be announced later this month, and their shortlist will be made public on Thursday 6 June A remarkable history told with skill, compassion and empathy.

Ambitious in scope, and engagingly written, all dimensions of the medical effort are covered, as are the significant challenges the doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers, ambulance drivers and pharmacists faced in treating the traumatic impacts of war on the bodies and minds of soldiers.

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As five children under the age of five had died in preventable deaths since the legislation came into effect, WSNZ said that allowing pool covers as an alternative to fencing was effectively a 'short cut' that introduced unacceptable risk and should be banned. Sechan spends most of her time in my room.

Any individual or group may apply for an Award in History, but tertiary students and staff are not eligible for assistance for projects undertaken as part of their university work.

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It is a courageous book in its insistence upon not directly engaging with its seeming lack of humanity. Tatau is a sensitive and vivid af photoessay, a real knock-out, and a totally deserving winner. They hope their success will start to instil in Finn a life-long love of books and reading and he'll be able to give valuable kid-centric comments on future books.

Cotter and Morgan couldn't attend the Panz ceremony because they were at home with their newborn son, Finn, but last night they took him to the NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults hoping the 6-week-old would be calm enough to see his parents presented with the Margaret Mahy and best picture book awards.

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Had 23 of the 25 waiver applications not originated in one council district, the trend may not have been immediately apparent. Staff of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage are also ineligible. Her daughter Jocelyn Grattan, also shared her mother's love of literature and generously left Landfall a bequest with which to establish an award in memory of Kathleen Grattan. The funding can be used for a variety of purposes: to enable historians to work full-time on a project; to pay for research and writing costs; and to pay for travel costs associated with research. MBIE said that a compliant pool fence with automatically closing gates or door alarms presented less risk than the use of an automated pool cover. Her words are vital on the page: skewing and renewing the dusky maiden as millennial sex kitten. People like her books, always have. Victoria University Press Kate Duignan The New Ships moves deftly back and forth in time and place as Peter Collie, his life eroding after the loss of his wife, tries to make sense of the past and find a way forward. The aim, with every seasonal poetry card, is to select poems which will take readers away from the sometimes quite stressful or anxious wait they may be experiencing. In , when Cotter decided to write a story about "bombing", she asked Morgan to draw the pictures before taking their ideas to Huia Publishers. An award can work its magic for a brief time but word of mouth is the real mover of sales. Invited writers add a range of perspectives and experiences appropriate to the subject and intention of the book. Guidance and oversight are gifted by the Short Film Otago executive team. Curious about the benefits that sponsoring the Plain English Awards brings to your organisation? The New Zealand Writers Guild is a professional association representing the interests of script writers in film, TV, theatre, radio, comics and new media.
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