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Nicotine is one of the biggest component in a cigarette, it stimulates the central nervous system which then gives the smoker a pleasurable feeling.

Article about smoking effects

People who smoke usually can't compete with nonsmoking peers because the physical effects of smoking like rapid heartbeat, decreased circulation, and shortness of breath harm sports performance. Also beware of electronic cigarettes e-cigarettes , which contain cancer-causing chemicals and other toxins, including a compound used in antifreeze. People worldwide view smoking as a lifestyle and smoked for pleasure and relaxation. To start with, students smoke because they are curious and want to discover the world of those who smoke. When quitting, it can be helpful to realize that the first few days are the hardest. However, during the 20th century, scientific research began and The American Cancer Society began to emphasize the health risks of smoking cigarettes. Quitting can help you prevent wrinkles, get rid of stained teeth, improve your skin, and even get rid of the stale smell in your clothes and hair. Some of the substances burned have major effects on the nervous system and the smoker is intoxicated after smoking. But smoking is also a major cause of cardiovascular heart and blood vessel disease.

People start smoking for a variety of different reasons. Not only will smoking causes diseases, but it also can cause smokers to experience various side effects, which include heart burn, ulcers, and gallstones. Now a days the amount of young women and children smoking is on the increase although the overall amount of people who smoke is declining in most countries.

Ads for cigarettes were all over the place. This can affect how these drugs work. Does this sound like something that an individual should be inhaling? People who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day have more than twice the risk of heart attack than nonsmokers.

Tobacco smoke is especially harmful to babies and young children.

physiological effects of smoking

During the 19th century it was considered fashionable to be seen taking a puff from a cigarette. The second important question is that, what is the major and minor effect of smoking.

These are chemicals no one would or should inhale, if they were not in a cigarette.

Smoking effects on lungs

Advertising has decreased over the years but the investment is with those that started when advertising was a big deal. Smoking is not only a health hazard to the individual puffing on the cigarette, but also every person around that area health is at risk. Indeed, experts say hookahs are no safer than cigarettes — and since they don't have filters and people often use them for long periods, the health risks might be even greater. Take a deep breath in through the nose and slowly blow out through the mouth. Cigarette smoke doesn't just affect smokers. Smoking affects the body's ability to produce collagen, so common sports injuries, such as damage to tendons and ligaments, will heal more slowly in smokers than nonsmokers. Why take the risk of this awful fate?
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The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Essay