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How to write a memory about someone

You might include lines from a poem that reflects how you feel, or a quote that inspires you to add your own words. But you can make it even more interesting by using the latest technology. It could be a recipe book filled exclusively with the favourite things they — or several much-missed people in your family — used to make. Go beyond the simple family album, or vacation book. Thanks for your feedback! Another education-related example: If you attend lectures in a particular classroom for an entire semester, your test performance should be better if your final exam is held in the same classroom, rather than a lecture hall across campus. But getting other points of view can add depth to a memory book. Why not collect those in a beautiful memory book? Start out by buying a journal specially designed for compiling memories, or customise your very own memory book. If you are more comfortable with pen and paper, you might forego sentences altogether and jot down phrases, recollections, adjectives.

The important thing here is that your memory book is what you want it to be. This can hold for elements less trivial than names—such as date, location, dialogue, etc.

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One of the most meaningful elements of your memory book may be the memories you record in your own words. Ideally, your memory book should tell the story of your life — preferably in chronological order.

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When you hold one of these in your hands, you can meditate on creating a life that inspires the most important audience—yourself!

Do this intentionally for a few weeks. When you come to read your memory book years from now, those seemingly mundane moments could be some of the most profound.

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Don't forget to check social media accounts for suitable photographs.

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Make the Most of Your Memory: 10 Tips for Writing About Your Life