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The House of the Spirits. Love and marriage among the English country gentry of Austen's day. Kafka, Franz. A Passage to India. Austen, Jane.

One Hundred Years of Solitude. Austen, Jane. Ibsen, Henrik. The story of a young woman's life during the Spanish Civil War. A young English woman in British-ruled India accuses an Indian doctor of sexual assault. Ba, Mariama. It is much more difficult to write a solid essay at 3am. The Sorrow of War. Marquez, Garcia, Gabriel. Has the candidate remained within the prescribed word-limit? His imprisonment and imminent execution reveal to him the accidental and inconsequential nature of life, allowing him to face his death peacefully. The conventions of written work relate to elements such as paragraphing, grammar, spelling, citation of references. Gulliver encounters dwarfs and giants and has other strange adventures when his ship is wrecked in distant lands. The story of a young boy struggling to be a man, and his violent actions to be one.

Like Water For Chocolate. An epic novel of Russia before and after the Bolshevik revolution.

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Reinforce any claims you make with direct quotations. You should also format your essay structure correctly quotations especially.

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Word count consists of quotes, but not quote references. Waiting for Godot Brecht, Bertolt.

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Flaubert, Gustave.

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World Lit. Ass. 1: What is part of the word count?