Why i want to keep my job

That change may have more of a psychological impact than you realize.

Why i want to keep my job

Know what to do. Love your job, get in on time, settle down and get cracking on your projects.

should i keep my job

Your supervisor cannot watch you all the time and know what you are doing. Or, maybe the company's prospects leave you open for a different conversation.

Manage expectations. Know your organisation.

Strategies to keep a job

Ask if they would allow you to stay late to make up for lost time until you resolve the issue. Try your best and always finish an assignment no matter how much you would rather be doing something else. Volunteer for extra assignments that will make the boss and the boss's boss know your name. Maybe the problem is you. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your supervisor can only benefit you. How could you have used your time better? Do help your boss do their job well. If your job is about building speed bumps and not about enablement, this is a warning sign. Always try to offer solutions; this will give your reputation a boost.

The valued go-to person shares information and willingly trains other employees despite the fact that this may mean less job security. If your company offers recognition for extraordinary contributions, ask your boss to nominate you. Pick out one or more things in your job to do better than anyone else.

advice about leaving a job

Take on more work. Make sure the boss knows about your accomplishments, but also make sure the team gets credit.

How to keep a job with depression

The average worker changes jobs 10 to 15 times over the course of their careers. Job switching is stressful. Pick out one or more things in your job to do better than anyone else. Promote yourself. Move with friends who are positive, encouraging and nurturing. Be in synch with your manager and help him to shine by ensuring that he meets his objectives that cascaded to you. About the Author. Yet, mastery has repeatedly been shown as one of the key factors in job engagement.
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Tips for Keeping the Job You Have