Whose fault was the cold war essay

Some people were rich, some poor. Maybe the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan were just too good, to generous, taxpayers in the United States, their money was going towards helping other countries, although it was a very generous and kind thing to do, did they have to give so much money?

Stalin's response was hostile: rather than trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement, Stalin continued to tighten his grip on eastern Europe. Stalin did not keep the agreements that were made at Yalta.

Actions taken by one side were misinterpreted and exaggerated by the other which forced the two powers into a downward spiral leading to the Cold War. As soon as Kennedy installed the hotline, the Cold War ceased to be a threat to humanity.

Despite the fact that, the Soviet Union was an essential part of the Allied Powers, there was certainly a great amount of distrust between the Soviet Union and what remains of the Allies, specifically the United States.

This situation represents another opportunity held and passed up by the Soviets to end the Cold War.

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Congress at first hesitated, but agreed in March when Czechoslovakia turned Communist. Davis, Lynn E.

who is to blame for the breakdown of post war talks between the us and the ussr

President Roosevelt had died, leaving Truman to be appointed President. Mistrust The basic mistrust that the Soviet Union and the USA had for each other made the breakdown of the wartime alliance inevitable.

The goal of this effort was to develop a tool to force peace with the Soviet Union.

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