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Society is sometimes can determine how we love. Although we want it forever, not always goes that way for everybody. There are multiple forms of love depicted throughout the play; each character represents a different type of love. A simple example is the fact that nobody can mess with our family members since we love them and we would do anything just to protect them. Lemon Iris offered Roy Hobbs true love, and a chance of happiness in life but he did not see it. Children feel neglected in families where both the parents are self engrossed. Relationships without love are usually short-lived as they do not render happiness. Critical thinking, reading, and writing: a brief guide to argument. According to www. We are there for them in the hour of need and try to do the best we can to help them. We must love others selflessly without worrying about whether they will love us back with same intensity. The concept of love expressed here, is that love should not destroy the meaningful relationships we have. A place where people love each other is peaceful and beautiful. Everyone at one time or another has felt love, for another person, a pet, or a inanimate object in their lives. Every other song playing on the radio or movie that comes to theaters will more than likely contain love related themes.

Both are essential for a loving and fulfilling relationship. Lack of it can affect their physical as well as mental health negatively. Everybody is desperately trying to hold on to their loves ones, yet the post-apocalyptic zombies seem to be in control.

They make sacrifices and fulfill all their duties and responsibilities towards their children selflessly out of their love for them.

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Love keeps them alive and the lack of it can be quite frustrating. In his youth Gyatso began to write poetry; some of these poems reflect the disgust that the young man felt towards his regent Nature loves us as much as we love nature.

Love is a deep desire to inflict joy and affection onto others, especially the ones people hold an emotional value with.

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Love can be seen in any subject involving faith, morality, psychology, opinions among others. Popular culture and movies makes us believe that we should love people who are beautiful, thin and have good personality. Something that make you, who you are. People seem to have neglected the importance of love in everyday relations. Film Hobbit. In the articles above, most characters were willing to do whatever it takes as a way of expressing their love. However, it is all for the good of their children.
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