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It turned out Enron was good at inventing businesses, but terrible at the tedious work of running them, judging by some appalling internal management audits discovered by The Times's Kurt Eichenwald.

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Between the high levels of leverage, complicated derivatives, and management that turned out to be questionable in its honesty and integrity, Enron provided some warning signs to those willing to listen, and shareholders could have avoided some of the damage from the scandal if they'd steered clear. Lay was credited with transforming Enron into the world's largest energy trading company and America's seventh-biggest corporation. How was Lord Wakeham involved? Enron emerged from bankruptcy in He noted that outsiders had no real way of knowing the assumptions on which companies that use mark-to-market base their earnings. Duncan, who oversaw Enron's accounts. When Enron got started, natural gas and electricity were produced, transmitted and sold by state-regulated monopolies. Um, I'm not sure I follow that. Deregulated natural gas market allowed energy producers to enjoy much higher prices and dramatically boost their revenues. The fated company's collapse affected thousands of employees and shook Wall Street to its core. On August 15, Sherron Watkins , vice president for corporate development, sent an anonymous letter to Lay warning him about the company's accounting practices. A few days later, Enron changed pension plan administrators, essentially forbidding employees from selling their shares for at least 30 days. Thank you very much, we appreciate it

These new measures are important mechanisms to spot and close loopholes that companies have used to avoid accountability. But the administration didn't bail out Enron at the end, right?

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It is important to understand the reasons behind the Enron scandal and look at how the events unfolded in this case. Yes and no.

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It lobbied for tighter regulation of air pollution, because it had figured a way to make money trading emission credits. What took place at the trial?

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With Enron in a state of near collapse, the deal was largely on Dynegy's terms. In May , the US supreme court overturned the conviction, saying jury instructions had been "flawed", but Andersen is unlikely to return to business. Increased regulation and oversight have been enacted to help prevent corporate scandals of Enron's magnitude. However, despite Enron's poor accounting practices, Arthur Andersen offered its stamp of approval, signing off on the corporate reports for years. What good came out of the Enron debacle? Dynegy would be the surviving company, and Dynegy CEO Charles Watson and his management team would head the merged company. That reminds me, is it true what they say about the name ''Enron''? Unlike most articles on Britannica. Yes and no. The company did stupid and venal things, but introducing the laws of supply and demand into the energy system was smart business and is, by and large, good for customers.

It rode the zeitgeist of speed, hype, novelty and swagger.

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3 Lessons From Enron's Bankruptcy, 17 Years Later