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Cuellar, A. A potential victim is a person who is at risk of being directly effected by a law or administrative act. Mallik-Kane, K. TEDS-D records represent discharges rather than individuals, as a person may be admitted and discharged from treatment more than once.

Substance abuse treatment gap among adult parolees: Prevalence, correlates, and barriers.

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Principles of drug addiction treatment: A research-based guide 3rd ed. The findings showed that Rockville, MD: Author. Domestic violence services were offered by a larger proportion of facilities with specially designed programs or groups for criminal justice clients compared with facilities that did not provide specific groups for criminal justice clients 37 percent. Health Affairs, 31 5 , Psychiatric problem in addition to alcohol or drug problem is a Supplemental Data Set item. He must listen to and understand court orders about monitoring the offender's activities. In some cases, the officer must contact the courts and recommend stricter or more lenient probationary terms, depending on how things are going for the offender.

Glaze, L. He monitors the offender's activities and behaviors to see that they comply with court orders. The goodness or badness of it goes only to weight and not to admissibility.

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Drug treatment aftercare in the criminal justice system: A systematic review. He must establish rapport with offenders to get them to open up and listen to direction.

The probation officer tries to help the offender get involved in activities and programs that encourage a crime-free lifestyle.

A probation officer needs the ability to help the offender understand what is expected of him in terms during the probation.

It covers areas such as search, detention in custody, interviewing, arrest and a range of police powers, many of which will feature in every investigation.

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Personal Characteristics & Skills of a Probation Officer