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Brunost is a caramelised whey cheese that tastes a little like hardened peanut butter to me. They tend to sell a large selection of imported and national beer brands; have an extensive baking section and sell higher end products. I assume these are Norwegian dietary staples because this section exists in every supermarket. Cake mixes and canned icing. We mostly shop here, but sometimes will go to another store that is down a little further from us called Rema Do you really need yet another block of cheese? Market share of selected grocery retailers in Norway Premium Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data partially from exclusive partnerships. I buy items such as unrefined sea salt, tea, bouillon, nuts, seeds plus a few other items in health food and organic food stores. No matter how old you are.

Finding good deals on food items you buy often might come in unexpected places, so keep your eyes open. This is our neighborhood grocery store that is right down the street from us.

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Stores smaller than this size are permitted to be open for business, which is why many small "mom and pop" shops are open on Sundays. Do you enjoy exploring foreign supermarkets? This has been hardest for John Hayden, since he would normally eat Cheerios for breakfast.

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Norwegians love their sausages so there is also always a large sausage and cold meats section of the supermarket. Each store also has a pay-by-the-weight candy section. Bread So many bread options, both fresh and frozen, except biscuits like I mentioned already. No one — and I mean no one — bags your groceries for you in Norway except you. These photos are from there and Co-op. In some shopping categories, however, the selection is tremendous. If you're after fresh fish, some of the grocery stores will have a counter where you can ask to have fillets sliced from the large pieces. Taco fixings are something very easy to find in stores here.

Instead of canned soups, you have quite a large selection of soup starters. Grocery bags are not free. How's that for progress? For those familiar with these stores or future Fulbrighters looking at this post, Rema is considered the cheapest grocery store here, but I think it really all depends on how your neighborhood store is priced.

Right now, I have ranch dip packets that I bought with me from the U. So, here are some of my budget friendly tips for eating well on a limited budget in Norway: 1. This is similar to the UK's Nectar program in that it allows you to collect and redeem points at multiple outlets, and even convert them to air miles.

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