The effects of low socioeconomic status on students learning outcomes

As they are likely to have higher levels of education, they are also more likely to provide a more stimulating home environment to promote cognitive development. These curves describe how changes in ability level relate to changes in the probability of a correct response, and they are determined by one or more item and ability parameters.

socio economic factors affecting education pdf

References Coleman, J. SES and Academic Achievement Socioeconomic status reflects and is measured by the social and economic status of family members. By far, there are a number of research have discussed the relationship between SES and reading ability in both Chinese and western cultural background Hoff, ; Noble et al.

This method was also used in empirical research with a Chinese cultural background Ren and Xin, The prestige of an occupation can be measured based directly on the occupational classification. When examinees have low ability, the test will appear to be difficult, and when examinees have high ability, the test will appear to be easy.

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