The art of keeping cool

Robert's mother has just moved her children from their home in Ohio to a small coastal town in Rhode Island to be near the paternal grandparents her children have never met before.

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Near the end of the story, when Robert is older, he thinks about mistakes made by members of his family. Elliot forms a close attachment with Abel, because the pair both see the world in the same way.

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When the police discover a notebook with detailed sketches of the fort in Hoffman's possession, they arrest him. Let me be clear though, the departures weren't too huge? He also begins to uncover a family secret regarding his father's long-ago rift with his own family.

Usually, I'm so excited to get into a book I barely even glance at the summary on the back. In what ways does it separate him? He is also the victim of suspicion and prejudice in both places, in Germany because he is an influential artist and in America because he is a German. Robert narrates The Art of Keeping Cool in first person, but focuses a lot of the story on his cousin, Elliot, and Elliot's growing relationship with German artist Abel Hoffman. She went down real fast; nothing anyone could do. Ages But Robert misses the farm, and wonders why nobody will talk about his father. Robert and Elliot are an interesting duo. Not the ending exact, since Robert provides a form of epilogue for the reader to say who is doing what a few years later. Because Hoffman is German, the police consider him to be suspicious even without any incriminating actions. Why would a German care about art and Elliot? On the day Robert's father announced that he was leaving home permanently, Grandpa Saunders was so angry with his son's foul language, ungrateful attitude, and his decision to leave that he shot his own son in the leg.

Then the book kind of wraps up and leads into the "epilogue. Despite this, I really enjoyed the book.

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I'll leave four crowns down there and you decide if you agree or not. Robert does not dislike Abel, but he does not trust him.

Abel Hoffman witnesses his art being destroyed, in Germany at the hands of the Nazis and in America at the hands of angry townspeople. Abel is a reserved man and the only label people have for him is "German": the nation that they are fighting. Instead of acting impulsively, Hoffman could have waited to see what kind of justice he would receive at the hands of the courts, but he instead chose to take his own life. Real event. Robert's father left home, never to return. The story takes place in , when rapid means of communication, such as e-mail, did not exist. Near the end of The Art of Keeping Cool, Abel Hoffman reacts without thinking to the burning of his paintings with a terrible result. By doing this kind of research, the author made her book realistic and believable to her readers, even though the characters in the book are fictional. How would events in Robert's life have been different if e-mail had been available? Figuratively, there is a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Makes me want to do something. While waiting for news of his father, Robert learns the truth about his father's past: In a fit of rage, his own grandfather shot his father in the leg. For most of the story, Robert's father lives overseas. Why would a German care about art and Elliot?
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The art of keeping cool