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PandaTip: Go in depth a bit here to describe some of the assumptions you are making regarding profitability. If we are running significantly ahead of our sales projections, then these funds may not be necessary. Introduce yourself and your company to your reader. Give information relating to the monthly expenses, monthly revenue, and financial statements.

Special service, quickly, friendly in exotic atmosphere. If not, convey that you have a solid plan in place to generate attention on your own through social media, your website, and media connections.

Special menu will be providing according to season.

Fast food restaurant business plan ppt

Target market: There are about 15, people living surrounding the Shibbari area. In this place, Crime rate is lowest comparing to other cities or towns because it is between police station and Khulna Metropolitan police check post. To successfully run and establish this business displays the abilities he has received in the course of his education. Be sure to include specifics about all the important factors. In this fresh page, write down the executive summary of your business plan. This is one of the important business places for Khulna city. But high quality of restaurant has not been built yet like Nice Time what the owner intending to open. All sales are to be cash basis. Step 3: Executive Summary Once you are done working on the cover page, you need to proceed to the next page.

After narrowing our establishment to one of these three options, we can narrow our style of food choices. For example, the dishes will be kept hot constantly on the customer table by using small stove while they will be having their meals.

The critical risks facing this business, and contingencies to deal with them, are: Lack of work- to be covered by a renewed and ongoing focus on marketing Liability — to be covered by professional indemnity insurance Injury to the managing director — to be covered by workers compensation The owner discussed with one insurance company agent that the annual cost of our business insurance coverage would be 25, taka for the first operating year 30, taka for second year and 45, taka for third year.

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The owner will offer seasonal fish like hilsha, katla, koi. Since we personally motivate our employee and trained by good example, apart from this our interior decoration, ambience, safety and cleanliness may attract more consumers in prospective.

business plan for restaurant ppt
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(DOC) Fast food restaurant business plan