Pcat writing topics

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What to expect This will be the first section you face on test day. Does the author present two or more sides to an argument in an objective way?

For example, you might discuss changes individuals can make, such as driving less often, creating less waste, and purchasing energy-efficient devices.

Pcat writing topics

The remaining prompts will touch on topics ranging from societal beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, to trends, policies, and laws. You want an introductory paragraph, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Your grammar matters, too.

Pcat essay topics 2017

For example, you might surmise that standardized tests reward rote memorization rather than creative thinking and unfairly disadvantage certain students. Notice as well that you will not be given information regarding the score determined by the human reader, nor the score determined by the Intelligent Essay Assessor. Consequently, paying attention to proper spelling and grammar, and making sure you have some time to proofread your final essay before the 30 minutes runs out is essential to achieving a high score! You may find that your mean score is different from peers who also took the PCAT around the same time. Also discuss why greenhouse gases and climate change are problems and what additional issues may arise if they are left unchecked. Type your corrections accurately and delete only what you mean to delete. Step 2: Prewrite After you have a clear idea of what the statement means and how you will begin to explain it, you are ready to brainstorm different solutions and prewrite each implied task.

Do you offer clear, logical solutions? Although that may sound challenging, remember that you do NOT need a vast knowledge of history or politics to do well on this essay; however, some knowledge of current events and world news would prove helpful.

What to remember This is essentially a persuasion essay.

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Try to identify effective transitions and determine the types of sentence structure the author employs.

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