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I wonder. Subscribe now In the meantime, fish deaths on the Ogeechee had slowed and stopped. I have here a signed complaint against EPD for aiding and abetting King America and polluting our river.

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About a week after the fish kill was first reported, EPD announced it was caused by columnaris, a bacterial disease that infects fish when they are stressed. As a result, the fish were killed.

And a new and more stringent permit was issued by the state which called for increased testing of the water and monitoring by the state as well as the Riverkeeper. Salt of the earth. The settlement agreement puts in place comprehensive and stringent environmental protections and establishes programs to aid in restoration efforts along the river. Almost nothing is left alive! I can remember when you could see schools of mullet well over a hundred yards long. Dianna is a Southerner through and through. But she says ultimately what came out of all of it was a better community partner. Later, it also filed a suit in federal court under the Clean Water Act. Edwards also tells me that they do dozens of tests every day. At one of the meetings which the law requires the state to hold for public comment before taking certain administrative actions, an older man stepped up to the microphone and called for the arrest of those sitting on the dais: Is there an officer of the law with the infinitesimal fortitude that will come forward? That was the most important issue that has been voted on in the United States in the last 50 years, as in Wisconsin.

Yes, bugs and this must be seen to be believed. Environmental Protection Agency showed elevated amounts of formaldehyde, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide.

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It helped us achieve what we wanted and stop the pollution and clean up the river. Anger, disbelief, tears: Their pristine river had been spoiled.

In May , Westex was sold. We are not Vietnam. I knew this was a significant event. And she was exactly right. Later, it also filed a suit in federal court under the Clean Water Act. Ultimately, it was discovered that King America Finishing had been discharging certain chemicals without a permit. Similarly, those creatures living at the bottom depths of the ocean presumably need less oxygenated water than those which live higher up in the sea, where there is generally more oxygen. He found this interesting because these species are particularly sensitive to environmental stressors. Almost nothing is left alive! Clearly, something had changed, something valuable had been lost, and whatever it was, it had robbed them of their river.

In the plant was sold to a company named Milliken.

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Fish Kill: An International Problem