Offer or proposal and its acceptance

Balfour is the Defendant and Mrs. Invitations to treat[ edit ] An invitation to treat is not an offer, but an indication of a person's willingness to negotiate a contract.

Standing offer or tender may be of the nature of a continuing offer. There is binding contract between A and Y. When an offer is made by post, its communication will be complete when the offeree receives the letter. The communication of the acceptance is complete, as against A when the letter is post; as against B, when the letter is received by A.

Offer or proposal and its acceptance

Acceptance[ edit ] A promise or act on the part of an offeree indicating a willingness to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in an offer. Agreement to agree in future. The revocation is complete as against A when the telegram is despatched. In Powell v.

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There is no mention of what oil A will be selling to B. Acceptance, in order to be valid, must be made under circumstances which would show that the acceptor is able and willing to fulfil the promise. Held: he could not claim because a person cannot be deemed to accept an offer of which he is not aware at the relevant time.

The communication of a revocation is complete,— as against the person who makes it, when it is put into a course of transmission to the person to whom it is made, so as to be out of the power of the person who makes it; as against the person to whom it is made, when it comes to his knowledge.

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Communication of Offer or Proposal (S. 3 and S. 4 of Contract Act)