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The number of restaurants would increase from 7 to 27, and the retail area would more than double to 19, square feet. Communication was minimal, commercial confidentiality carried to absurd lengths. The first thing obviously wrong to Pei was the people working at the park in sales and marketing.

Schuman, M. Many visitors who traveled to China to visit Disneyland Hong Kong often visited Ocean Park as well because they are only 29 minutes apart from each other. He got aggressively on the front foot to differentiate his product and brand from Disney, and made sure everyone and every communication enhanced that.

Despite rivalry from Hong Kong Disneyland, the new master plan from Ocean Park poses various opportunities and strengths for the theme park. The scheme allowed mainlanders from designated cities to travel to Hong Kong in an individual capacity rather than only on a business visa or in a group tour as before.

Ho, D. The government defended itself on the grounds that in contrast to Disney, which assessed the project on its commercial rate of return, it assessed the project on the basis of its economic benefits to Hong Kong. Includes relocation of animals, temporary facilities, and new animals. Park signs and explanation for rides were written in both Chinese and English for the convenience of the Chinese tourists. Source: Hong Kong Government. Guest facility Nightly shows on the lagoon Grand aquarium, including shark encounter Underwater restaurant Shopping and dining with various attractions Many new themed venues for children: rides, animal interactions, birthday area, show venue, toy store Not applicable. December 11, Sai Kung in eastern New Territories Sai Kung, with its countryside and beaches, was to be developed into an area with facilities for outdoor activities, such as hiking and water sports. The strategy: Pei went back to the basics of sales and marketing, and the four Ps. Leung, T.

The foreigners who managed the park actually ignored these people who were crying and jumping up and down as if they did not exist. The number eight, which signified prosperity in Chinese culture, abounded in the park, while the number four, which was associated with death, did not appear even on lift buttons.

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Ocean Park established their identity in both the Asian market and foreign market by provided different ideas of entertainment beyond fairytales and fantasies.

This gap does not exist for Ocean Park because it is a home-grown theme park.

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At hectares, Hong Kong Disneyland was the smallest among the Disney theme parks—it took only 30 minutes to walk through the park. Visitors also complained about long queues for rides and at restaurants.

It was unaware that mainland China enjoyed seven days instead. Second, it will analyze the external environment such as the economic and cultural aspect that can affect the relationship of the organization to their customers. Fowler, G. Unlike some countries such as China, Hong Kong had few natural scenic endowments and therefore had to develop its own attractions. Ocean Parks major competition is Disneyland Hong Kong. Rides were named in English, and its working conditions led workers to walk off in protest days after it opened. Theme parks were complex operations, and major glitches during their openings were not unprecedented in the industry. Nonetheless, the competition posed by Disney Hong Kong was not to be underestimated. The government guarantee also serves as a strong token of confidence for the project. Ocean Park had enjoyed a surplus in income since it opened until ,10 when the Asian financial crisis hit Hong Kong. Many visitors who traveled to China to visit Disneyland Hong Kong often visited Ocean Park as well because they are only 29 minutes apart from each other.
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