Nervous conditions tambus journey

Nervous conditions tambus journey

Shefer, T. A patriarchal society for the most part does not acknowledge a role for women except within socially accepted conditions and within the limits of certain confines that they should not violate" [ 22 ] In doing so she confesses her thought to Tambudzai as a way out to find relief.

This is feminism at its most logical.

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We hoed side by side strips of land defined by the row of maize plants" [ 9 ] The tyranny of Babamukuru reaches the farthest points; he interferes even in the amount and type of food that Nyasha should eat. This is a serious matter.

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Soon after his death, this opportunity is given to Tambu to go and achieve her dreams, however her mother Ma Shingayi is afraid of the change that may happen to Tambu due to a similar influence by western culture.

But in process she has to deal with the reality of being a girl.

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Every society invents and reinforces this array of systems to supervise and organize the feminine and masculine comportments. It was a sacrifice that made us grateful to them, a sacrifice that made them superior not only to us but to those other Whites as well who were here for adventure and to help themselves to our emeralds. A lot of things stand out in this book. Kloppenborg, R. Indeed, they are rummaging their mental liberation. She initially hopes that her move from her poor rural home to a middle-class mission home, will transform her gender position. This journey of Tambu helps us view society from a different perspective and the fact that everything is achievable is what is portrayed throught this marvellous work by Tsitsi Dangarembga. One of the constraints of women in the novel is their femaleness; their being females dictates certain social measures that oblige them to abide to. But in reality, she quietly harbours frustration. The novel pictures the opaque facets of patriarchal rule under which women become regarded as the secondary gender group whose oppressions do good to male groups.

Eagleton states that what begins as a personal concern grows to be a universal concern, "the personal is political" [ 12 ] Mwenda, K. For those women whose character does not relinquish to masculine abjection, divergence from the norm and scuffle are the only shelters.

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Nervous Conditions