My plans this summer vacation essay

I had just finished a laborious grade 8 and an exceedingly stressful last week of final exams. Share what happened to you by adding illustrative comparisons and appealing to the sensations of the target audience.

my summer vacation essay 150 words

This summer vacation was the most refreshing one. This time I am planning to learn some cup cake recipes. Growing up, my family did little traveling. You can order some new books online or download e-books on your PC to read them.

I hope the next summer will be no less impressive than this one! Along with the writing will have the memories captured as well.

My plans this summer vacation essay

I and my siblings are only planning to get more creative and fit for a more productive and fun year ahead. Many people know that there are not as many students coming from farming families today, so why do most schools still operate on this schedule?

my summer vacation paragraph
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My Plan for Summer Holidays