Master thesis european studies den

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Master thesis european studies den

A case study on Austria. Eleven universities explicitly refer to the statement of the problem. Analyzing identity, communication and values MAPES has a strong scientific and theoretical orientation, providing students with theories, methods, and skills for the conceptualization and analysis of issues of particular interest in the context of contemporary European developments, such as the social and cultural construction of identities on multiple levels local, regional, national, European , the growth of a transnational public sphere of communication, the cultural conflicts brought on by growing mobility through migration, travel, and business, and the normative interplay between values that include religious tolerance and freedom of speech. Using your career goals as a guideline, you can choose to write a theoretical dissertation analysing European issues and public policy problems, or you can conduct applied research for an employer to provide them with practical analysis and advice, producing a marketing or export plan, for example. A detailed analysis of the Philippines. The programme specifically targets those who are interested in understanding Europe from a broader, cultural point of view, and who want to apply this perspective in careers related to European cultural politics, identity formation, and Europe-wide communication. Every year, about academics from abroad spend time at Berlin's oldest university. Individual departments give their own twist to these guidelines. A comparative case study on the impact of economic crisis on the health care sector of Greece and Sweden. While mandatory for Dutch students, the study abroad experience, supported by the Erasmus Plus programme, is optional for internationals. To give you a few more examples, we have included another two degrees in a table: communication sciences and clinical psychology.

The master's thesis The accumulated knowledge and experience of the students will be reflected in the final stage of the program, the writing of a master's thesis. But Verbrugh feels that this is the wrong way to look at it.

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Comparison of Swedish and Greek policies. Programme description European expansion European Studies is a growing interdisciplinary field associated with the possibilities and challenges offered by an expanding European Union. Students will also have the opportunity to go on internships and thereby gain contacts that can lead to future employment. A case study on Austria. These lists vary considerably. Women in top executive positions in Austria: A Marxist-feminist perspective Corporate tax harmonization in the European Union: An exploratory study on minimum corporate tax rates Is there a causal relationship between income inequality and life expectancy? Its aim is to promote young talent and to positively influence society and the economy outside of the university framework. Year 2 focuses on the tools you need to operate in the public and private sector organisations you learned about in Year 1.

This mainly shows that the criteria are a little random. Year 2 focuses on the tools you need to operate in the public and private sector organisations you learned about in Year 1. They also put a great premium on students working independently.

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Why are woman more affected by the consequences of the ongoing economic crisis in the Eurozone than men? In addition, we teach several courses preparing students for their thesis.

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Does religion hinder or contribute to the development and economic growth of a country?

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