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Business[ edit ] As of Marchthe Mysore Sandal Soap held a tonne share among thetonnes of soap produced and marketed annually in India.

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The main reason for this is the depletion of sandalwood reserves in Karnataka. KSDL is now one of the few public enterprises in Karnataka that turns in consistent profits. Soon, KSDL started showing profits again — in fact, it showed continuous profits year after year, and by , had wiped out its losses and come out of BIFR — the only state public sector unit to have done so. The company is launching the costliest most expensive soap in the Indian market Mysore Sandal Platinum. It takes 15 years to reach the harvesting stage. The beginning During World War I, the exports were stopped and the reserves of sandalwood piled up. In , the Government decided to merge these factories and incorporate them under a company named Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited. The brand is primarily seen a south Indian brand and to have a pan Indian presence calls for some serious investment. Apart from soap and perfume companies, big temples like Guruvayoor Sri Krishna temple are the main customers. Mysore Sandal with its heritage and quality will create a good market in the west. To overcome this, KSDL has also started procuring sandalwood by bidding in the open market, and is also considering importing the wood from other countries. The current campaigns are ordinary which just shows Dhoni endorsing the brand. I feel that with a superior product like this , every penny spent on this brand will be worthwhile. Although this is a product from public sector, the brand has been able to create a unique place in the Indian consumer's mind. It will take some innovative marketing campaigns to merge the two different personalities: one the brand which is traditional and the model which is so modern and flamboyant.

Although this is a product from public sector, the brand has been able to create a unique place in the Indian consumer's mind. There were allegations of mismanagement and corruption as well.

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Now, KSDL has manufacturing plants at three locations — Bengaluru toilet soaps, detergents and cosmetics ; Mysuru sandalwood oil extraction ; and Shimoga sandalwood nursery. The Centennial One of the recent strategies adopted by KSDL to increase sales was to reward distributors who met the sales target with silver or gold coins through a lucky draw.

Bythe company was exporting its products. According to the media reports, even the company officials feel that the brand has the potential to be a Rs crore brand but since the resources for brand building and some laidbacknes has limited the growth of this brand. Those who have used this brand will vouch for its quality and fragrance.

Its production comes from re-generation of the sandalwood in the forests.

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Most users of this soap are above 40 years of age, and it has yet to gain more acceptance by the youth in India. Traditionally, the soap has not been marketed in a high-profile manner and only duringM. To increase sandalwood production, companies like KSDL have also taken contract farming with a buy-back arrangementunder which it supplied 5 lakh saplings ten years ago.

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How Mysore Sandal beat the odds