Mammary prothesis

cotton breast prosthesis

Some private health insurance funds also provide a rebate for post-mastectomy items, including prostheses, bras and swimming costumes. Many women find that they don't need to change their clothes, but find they need to make some adjustments. You may choose to wear a prosthesis while you decide if you want to have breast reconstruction or while you are waiting for reconstruction surgery.

Professional fitters regularly see women who have been in a similar situation and will take a sensitive approach. Companies that sell breast prostheses Special mastectomy bras are available. Some women prefer to wear a lightweight form when playing sport or a soft form to bed.

Not every woman needs a special mastectomy bra. This can be bought from your fitter, some department stores, direct from some manufacturers or online. What are breast prostheses made of? You might need a new prosthesis if yours gets worn or damaged.

They can be worn either by attaching it directly to the chest wall or as a regular prosthesis with a protective backing over the stick-on part. If you use your usual prosthesis, rinse it in clean water afterwards to get rid of any chlorine or salt.

Many insurance companies don't cover custom-made breast forms. You may want to ask if the prosthesis can be worn with swimwear and if you need to wear a specially designed swimsuit with it. Common concerns include: Weight Silicone prostheses are available in different weights to accommodate a variety of needs.

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Breast prosthesis