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Dialect and the Legislation Vocabulary as a divisive factor: Formation of linguistic states. Legislation and cultural change Law because an instrument of social transform. In part three, I attempt to detail the rule of recognition and the relationship between social practices and rule of recognition.

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Dialect policy plus the constitution: Established language, multi-language system. In Aruna Roy vs. These values can be inculcated if the basic tenets of all religions are learned. Language can be a powerful unifying as well as divisive force. So state neutrality is sufficient and no further action is required on the part of the state to create religious harmony. Admission to educational institutions: Choice to citizens of a point out 6. Reservation: Statutory commissions, Lawful Provisions. Reform of court process Criminal law: Plea In the opinion of some critics, the language policy of the Indian government has proved a failure. It is true they have given impetus to regionalism and" sub-regionalism. The arrangement of the words in the preamble is also very significant. It can also separate and divide and hatred.

The linguistic agitations proved to be one of the decisive factors in setting the course of politics for the next few decades. The unfinished and continuing task of nation building require a more relaxed and practical approach to languages. The concept of secularism is not merely a positive attitude of religion tolerance.

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These concepts of justice, liberty and equality revolves around fraternity which is the prime goal of the country has to achieve through these constitutional provisions.

These are the restrictive dimensions of secularism. It is also a positive concept of equal treatment of all religions. It is the mirror to the spirit of the constitution.

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Reservation: Statutory commissions, Lawful Provisions. So, all these are the divisive factor in some way or the other and if not handled carefully then can cause a threat to the unity and integrity of the nation. Any steps inconsistent with these mandates are Unconstitutional. The present paper is deliberating upon the concept of secularism in this background. M Ismail faruqui vs. It is also incumbent upon the state to take positive as well as negative actions to promote fraternity. Article 25 1 guarantee to every person the freedom of conscience and the right to profess, practice and prorogate religion. Religious minorities as well as the law 3. Politics of Linguistic States: The Reorganisation: After the attainment of freedom and integration of princely dominions, the cry for redrawing of provincial frontiers on linguistic lines began to echo from all corners of the sub content. Socio economic upliftment, creation of religious harmony, inculcating religious tolerance among the citizens by education regarding secular values can be some tools to promote secularism in Indian context. The Court further Held that any state Government which pursues unsecular policies or unsecular course of action acts contrary to the Constitutional mandate and renders itself amenable to action under article
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The Concept of Secularism in India