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What would have happened, I wondered, if the situation had been reversed, and his wife had published first? And that is a real struggle, I mean we are the ones that have to give life to these other human beings. Rather, happiness springs from something biggerand more rewarding.

The part of me that was his girlfriend put her arms around him and told him how happy she was, and the other part, the miserable writer within, kept her distance.

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Soon, however, Franzen will publish The Corrections, the novel that catapulted him to the tippity-top echelon of the literati. At home sometimes I don't want to check the phone messages; when I step into a bookstore and see that stack on the new-book table, I can sometimes feel my heart rattling the bars of its cage. So Heather Havrilesky writes one of my favorite advice columns, called Ask Polly, and last year a woman wrote to her for advice on feeling jealousy toward other women writers. Isn't this perhaps one reason why women, as a whole, are more apt than men to see writing and reading as therapeutic acts? I had a hard time reading this; I was simultaneously so curious to know what she thought of their life together and so afraid to find out that the sentences kept shorting out on me. Life, obviously, is about more than this. But occasionally he would report having had a good day, and I would feel, under my encouraging cheer, the shudder of panic you get when a friend deserts you by joining AA or leaving a bad marriage. On the other hand, vexed as they are, those categories continue to be meaningful, even if we can't always agree on just what the meaning is. Detective Galileo, is well earned. I might as well work.

She had been a writer too. I told him there wasn't enough air for both of us in that apartment; I told him I was drowning. And writing is a calling. I see myself as belonging to a generation of women who were raised to believe that we could do and be whatever we wanted - by women who, by and large, had not enjoyed that freedom themselves and who perhaps envied their daughters for it.

An indication not of the illusion of our existence, but of its ultimate reality elsewhere. Since then, columnists from London to Scotland have weighed in on the piece. Still, it was a start.

He had always assumed that he was smarter than she was, but her flirtatiously uncommitted relationship with facts left her free to think of things he could not imagine.

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