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According to the memorandum introduced into evidence by defendants, D. Fields and Furr each testified to instances in which they took steps to cover over offensive graffiti or pictures after a complaint from Robinson. On one occasion Hawkins belittled Banks' concern over a large rat by making a quip that Banks took to be a sexual reference.

The harassing behavior negatively affected her attitude toward work; she had to prepare herself mentally each day for what might happen.

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Among the remarks Robinson recalled are: "Hey pussycat, come here and give me a whiff," 1 T. Lovett Depo.

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Leadermen have no authority to resolve or adjust formal employee grievances. He remarked, "Lois would really like this," and placed it on the wall in the welding trailer aboard the U. Robinson let them know that she was offended by those jokes, pictures, etc. Fraser was not reprimanded for his behavior.

Hastey gathered together Gamble, the male coworker of whom she complained, her foreman and two leadermen. The testimony of several witnesses was received in deposition form. Solos typically elicit extreme responses from members of the majority group. The few witnesses who claimed never to have seen pictures such as those described by Robinson, Banks, and Albert, e. In a like manner, Dr. Both foremen to whom the complaints were made told Green that a further offense would result in discipline, but neither foreman disciplined him even though he admitted the offenses and the second foreman was aware of the prior complaint. A woman complains about a man who exposed himself to her. The courts have previously ruled that sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of illegal sex discrimination, forbidden by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of The phonographic pictures demeaned the women, and this explains why the male coworkers made sexual harassment comments and jokes towards Robinson.

The various craft departments are called shops. Mosher characterized the responses as showing "mild to low moderate in terms of being offensive or degrading. Robinson mentioned to either a leaderman or the assistant foreman that she considered it a "very dirty ship," and she was subsequently reassigned to a different location.

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Robinson vs Jacksonville Shipyards Analysis