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A consumer confidence survey conducted by Nielsen in August showed Filipinos topping the rankings globally, on top of even the United States which placed 4th.

Notwithstanding the economic uncertainties, India had the highest export expectations with 65 per cent of the respondents expecting an increase in exports in the next 12 months.

The growing slew of financial reporting standards, coupled with swelling volumes of data in business practices, are making the competition for accounting professionals tougher than ever. Domestic demands also remain stronger than ever. Moreover, On the selling prices and profitability expectation parameters, the country had slipped to eighth and fifth positions, from sixth and third, respectively.

While automation in manufacturing and services could lead to displacement of some 1.

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Duterte is on a two-day visit to Japan. The UK firm also eyes the strong supplier base which could save money from logistics cost.

Viber Every now and then, a corporate scandal somewhere around the world erupts, and the underbelly of the auditing profession gets exposed again.

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But we are gearing up and making sound investments in automation. When the time came for the founders to hand over the reigns to the younger partners, he says it was not a difficult decision to make.

In addition, survey respondents anticipate an increase in selling prices, exports, number of people to be hired, investments in buildings, as well as on research and development. Benjamin R.

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The international affiliation brimmed with benefits, including access to a globally accepted audit methodology and membership in an extensive network with member-firms around the world that deliver services independently. The IBR further noted that global optimism has fallen to a three-year-low level and economic uncertainty remains elevated.

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