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The hotel situation in the south is even more dire, with only a handful of properties rising above a single star. State and markets: neoliberal limitations and the case for a developmental state. Vaughan S. Notes 1 For instance, roads, hydro-electric dams but also large-scale sugar industry.

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The Federal Department of Agriculture selects investors, delineates the plots, negotiates and signs the contracts, and raises income that should normally be collected via taxes by the regional States Dessalegn Rahmato, ; Labzae, Access to licences, the weight of bureaucratic red tape and the recent tax reforms are slowing down the development of the private sector and the penetration of foreign investors.

The chronicle of Gelawdewos explained the friction between the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Catholic missionaries from Spain and Portugalafter the arrival of the Jesuits in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 12 3p.

Addis-Abeba, Forum for Social Studies. Its opening to the market economy was then relatively fast, and accelerated after the electoral defeat. The Anti-Politics Machine. In urban spaces, and now in peri-urban spaces, public leases provide a widespread economic reorientation tool.

Teferi Abate Adem, Methodological reflections on scalar structuration.

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