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The Content Authority — Georgia-based company that pays freelance writers to write mostly blog articles for their clients. The team at Skyword uses this profile to match you with content channels where industry-specific writing jobs are posted. Showcase your portfolio and work directly with your clients and set your own rates. Sibia Proofreading — An Oregon-based editing company that occasionally has openings for proofreaders. Take 2—3 weeks to hear back from submission date. An article that can engage readers will help you to convey your thoughts, feelings and experience. They are looking for a freelancer with professional writing experience, social media experience and WordPress knowledge. Many freelance writers enjoy writing about food because they can share their personal experiences.

You can embrace more elaborate adjectives and metaphors. Occasionally you will see job ads seeking food writers in general but are really seeking restaurant reviewers.

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Vacationers may be clueless about the popular eating places in your community. The writer will also seek out trending topics. If you have a favorite local hangout that not many people know about, write an article on it.

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Selling Your Articles After you have composed an article or a series of articles, you will need to find suitable publications or websites to pay and publish your material. You can compose how-to articles, interview pieces, kitchenware reviews, culinary advice, and so on.

Freelance Writing Gigs, Opportunities, and Platforms 1. Keep yourself updated with new dining and restaurant openings, including the ones that close or re-open under new management. The applicant should have excellent organizational skills and time management.

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