Formative writing assessments for kindergarten

Formative assessment in the classroom

In addition, she stops briefly to interact with several students individually. Blank index cards with engaging stickers or stamps to prompt brief student writing or dictation. He wants to honor her independence while ensuring that she feels confident and has not been rejected by other students. Then, I can then make adjustments to my whole group instruction or plan small group activities for specific students. Basketball Discussions Here are a couple more assessments you can use to elicit evidence of student learning. Because I have notes about all of my kids on sheets, I can easily see where multiple students are struggling. If students are successful, he notes it. Keep the Question Going — With this formative assessment technique, the teacher asks one student a question and then asks another student if that answer seems reasonable or correct. This helps keep all the students engaged because they must be prepared to either agree or disagree with the answers given and provide explanations. Follow Kathy on Twitter at kdyer13 or read her blogs here on Teach. Writing: Text Types and Purposes 2. Because I now have circled parts of the rubric in three different colors, I can easily see how students have progressed throughout the year.

You can give all 3 prompts toward the beginning of the school year to get them out of the way. As you build relationships with your students and their families, you will become more familiar with their linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

formative assessment examples for kindergarten

During centers, the teacher notices a child playing independently. If the words do not rhyme, they work to find a pair that does. I really need to see where they are starting from so that I can adapt my instruction accordingly AND get a true sense of their progress during the year. Cooperate and share with others.

formative assessment examples for preschool

Here the teacher asks a question at the start of a lesson and students write their responses on index cards or strips of paper.

Toward the end of the school year, after teaching one more additional unit in each genre, I repeat Step 2, using the same or very similar prompts.

Summative assessment examples

Can you write something about your picture? Check out my kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade writing bundles. The rubric has the same criteria that the class checklist does. Step 3: I make notes on the class checklist throughout the unit. Remember that, although this kit is designed for quick formative assessments, the same materials can be used when opportunities for brief differentiated instruction arise. This helps keep all the students engaged because they must be prepared to either agree or disagree with the answers given and provide explanations. He asks them to count three small objects. I take a piece of writing that students have produced during the unit, and I score it, using a different colored pen or pencil to mark on the original rubrics.
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22 Easy Formative Assessment Techniques for Measuring Student Learning