Famous master thesis

Famous master thesis

A century and half later, Riemannian geometry was used by Grigori Perelman to solve one of the hardest problems in mathematics, the Poncaire Conjecture. Scholars have inspected it through a feminist lens, a Marxist lens, and just about every other lens available to the literary critic. If you think outside the box, you'll find an idea no one has come across before. Pascal perfectly explained the dynamic modern-day humans. ISBN About Ali Gajani Hi. Her research work which required her to time and again carry test tubes containing radioactive substances, led to her developing aplastic anemia which eventually led to her death in John Forbes Nash Jr. Shannon's thesis became the foundation of practical digital circuit design when it became widely known among the electrical engineering community during and after World War II. She lays claims to two other noted firsts-first female professor in University of Paris and the first woman who was graved or interred in Paris on her own stature. Although she was born and brought up in Warsaw, she later on migrated to Paris to pursue higher studies. The novel has been around since the seventeenth century. These are necessary for one of his main results, the Riemann mapping theorem: any simply connected domain of the the complex plane having at least two boundary points can be conformally mapped onto the unit disk. Study a New Literary Genre Poetry and drama have existed for thousands of years.

If you're having trouble choosing a thesis topic that feels original, consider these five approaches. Feynman diagrams are used by physicists all over the world to pictorially represent the behavior of subatomic particles with mathematical expressions.

Orientalism as a literary trope is often discussed in analyses of literature from the European colonial period. I challenge you to read a few pages of it without getting dizzy. Her juvenilia, the short works she composed as a teenager, are less popular than her major novels, but they're a fascinating insight into Austen's early life.

But it is fact that choosing the five best dissertations from a pile where every thesis seems as revolutionary as the other is indeed a monumental and challenging task.

short dissertation

Starting from the humble attempt to create fire by striking two stones to the invention of the Internet, human beings have made numerous extraordinary inventions that have allowed them to rule the roost over the lonely planet.

Enjoy, oh and forgive me for the complexity of the content. Alexander Fleming- Inventor of the most popular life-saving drug-Penicillin: Alexander Fleming who earned knighthood in following which he was addressed to as Sir Alexander Fleming is credited with the discovery of the first antibiotic in the world-Penicillin-that has saved countless lives and still continues to.

Share and comment. Fleming had been carrying out pioneering work on the characteristics of staphylococcus bacteria in At the time, the methods employed to design logic circuits were ad hoc in nature and lacked the theoretical discipline that Shannon's paper supplied to later projects.

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Study a New Literary Genre Poetry and drama have existed for thousands of years. Van der Waals is primarily associated with the van der Waals equation of state presented in this thesis, describing the behavior of gases and their condensation to the liquid phase. ISBN Select free newsletters: A selection of the most viewed stories this week on the Monitor's website. It's also been fodder for plenty of academic writing. Every Friday The five most recent Christian Science articles with a spiritual perspective. Find A Degree. Nevertheless, it was Howard Foley and Ernst Boris Chain who were more successful in extracting the substance in bulk.

Thesis writing is definitely an art but writing something that is valuable and changes the beliefs and revolutionizes a wide range of concepts.

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Very short PhD Thesis by famous people