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Review the works of well-known mathematicians.

English b extended essay topics

How does changing the concentration of the reagents affect the formation and spacing between Liesehang rings in the reaction between X chloride and X when conducted in a test tube? What are the sources of error in calorimetry? An evaluation of how antioxidants work in our bodies? Use these as a springboard to create your own research question! What role did economics play in the unification of Germany from to ? What is the effect of temperature on the souring of milk? What things stop you from being happy? What are the key symptoms of the vitamin deficiency? Interdisciplinary extended essays are very welcome, so you have an opportunity to choose two subjects you're most interested in and combine them into one research paper. How can one organize a pollution check along a X canal in X?

One of the biggest keys to the Extended Essay is choosing which subject you want to write your work in and developing that crucial research question. Does brushing your teeth affect the pH in your mouth after eating? What do scholars do to find the remedy for treating cancer?

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Compare the political rhetoric as used in the inaugural addresses of George W. Economics What is the profitability of airline companies? What is the Oberth Effect? It means that you have to go with something that excites you and challenges you to study and research.

Food chemistry extended essay topics

Use these as a springboard to create your own research question! Can modern society live without them? Annoyingly, coming up with that idea and research question can be the toughest part of the entire process. Fascinating Chemistry Extended Essay Topics It is likely that fewer students would prefer this subject because not all of them are real chemists adept in this field. What is the impact of urban development on the bee population in X city? The programme was established with the goal of thorough interdisciplinary education that wouldn't be bothersome for those receiving it. Can different food additives influence the state of your digestive system? Analyze the main cause of the volcanic explosion. An evaluation of how antioxidants work in our bodies? The purpose of the IB programme is to engage students in the subjects that are outside of their comfort zone. How does it influence their behavior? We've already done half the job for you.

Why losing weight is impossible without physical exercise?

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