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Now we have Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and other knowledge-based websites. Force him or her to play outdoor games. Even adults fall prey to the mindset of "never be doing nothing", switching tabs the instant they feel slightly disinterested in what they were doing before. For the cheater, it's easy to minimize their guilt with the saying, 'it's not cheating if it's online'. What it all boils down to is that people, not items, are responsible for what changes we see in the world. But still for many, nothing beats the feel and smell of buying a new book and reading it wherever you please. Either way they give you opportunity to hold lots of material in one place. Contact Author Throughout history, people have always worked to advance mankind as a whole. These people will be bored to death if they have not posted their Facebook status, uploaded their pictures on Instagram or tweeted about how the beach looks cool. Because of computers and the Internet, we can talk with individuals from around world in chat rooms, Skype or teleconference via webcam. This increases the level of illiteracy because learners are deterred from thinking independently. In the past, if your car broke down in the middle of nowhere, you were at the mercy of complete strangers; with mobile phones, we are able to call for help almost anywhere. In fact, many people are choosing to abandon Facebook altogether after realizing how much better they feel about themselves when they haven't logged in for a while. Since the invention of computers in , the lives of people around the word took a complete turnaround.

You feel incomplete or naked without your phone. You actually greet, talk, maybe become friends and be social with others. Build an atmosphere of motivation and see a change in your kid.

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It made the world smaller by providing good communication tools, made it possible to explore the solar system and the universe and proved that technology is truly significant in human advancement.

In America, hardly anyone walks or rides a bike, people want to drive everywhere, even for a short distance.

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Technology has affects on us socially, mentally, and physically. Cell phones have not only becomeā€¦. Using chat groups on different subjects they are taking in school, they conduct live conversations by keyboard through the internet. Computers are used to store vast amounts of information, and even replace humans in factories throughout the world.

We know this, but technology was created to make life easier, that is the main purpose. The tone and the dialogue between a person and I is always the same.

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