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The wager between Cleopatra and Antony is historic and still conversed about today. Caesar and Cleopatra continued their relationship although he was often travelling on military campaigns. Egypt had won but Octavian was mad and wanted his revenge.

Mark Antony controlled the eastern part of the Roman Republic. If one character could stand out in Egyptian history, none other would be so worthy as Cleopatra would.

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Cleopatra is also sometimes seen as a misunderstood woman, someone who was never given a fair opportunity to be accepted as the wife of Marc Antony nor the mother of Caesar's child Schiff describes how Cleopatra used the power of imagery for her first official meeting with Mark Antony at his base in the town of Tarsus.

The most important woman in this book is Penelope, mainly because of her guile and intelligence.

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For example, Cleopatra made herself into a representation of the goddess Isis. Within the first page of Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra", the Roman's narrow perspective of Cleopatra is presented to the audience.

This woman, whom I am referring to happens to be my grandmother. Egyptians thought she was the goddess of love and worshiped her when she became queen.

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She was only seventeen years old when, by the will of her father, Ptolemy XI, she was forced to inherit and share the throne of Egypt with her twelve year old brother, Ptolemy XII Would you be a good one, a bad one, a careless one? They were also well known for their murderous aims and often plotted to kill one another to gain power. He received increasing criticism from the powerful Roman ruler Octavian. In forty-four B. Both books have many fairly important characters but only a few that could almost be considered the most important characters. In order to become a successful queen, she persevered and grew from her father's mistakes. Eventually, they had 3 kids. One of them with Julius Caesar and 3 of them with Mark Antony. She died on c. After his death, Cleopatra ruled with her other brother Ptolemy the Fourteenth. Cleopatra was an intelligent, political, and ambitious woman who changed the history of Egypt. Those of us fortunate enough to be living in modern times are aware of quite the opposite. During this time, was when Mark Antony had died so cleopatra was in depression which was an advantage for Octavian to get his revenge.

Today we tell about the life of one of the most famous and powerful women in history.

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Cleopatra's Wise and Effective Rule of Egypt Essay