Childrens development and child rearing psychology essay

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Child Development, 38 2 Caregiver sensitivity, contingent social responsiveness, and secure infant attachment. It is possible that parents who are living under conditions of stress, such as poverty, may be less likely to display authoritative parenting behaviors, and more likely to employ less effective parenting practices.

Parental warmth, control, and indulgence and their relations to adjustment in Chinese children: A longitudinal study. The physical category of my model includes three subgroups.

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Although most of the subjects of her study were Californian middle class European Americans, thus not offering much diversity in her study, the results were very persuasive and interesting Introduction Parenting styles are the strategies and the approaches that parents use when raising their offspring.

These are influenced in their family environments in which both. Alice Miller had unparalleled compassion for children and absolutely no tolerance for their maltreatment.

Their hair is checked for the presence of lice.

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Physical discipline often used by parents in the black community, is a form of discipline involving the use of pain with the intention of keeping their children safe from harm. The research on play and development is a key to helping caregivers understand the importance of childhood play.

Rearing competent children. Many of them don't see that their kids imitate the methods they use to discipline their kids.

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Parenting Style Essay