Child interview age 8

Kids need to be reminded of this. What is something that worries you?

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What is your favorite treat? What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your favorite song?

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We went at the zoo. What qualities about this character do you admire?

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Kids need to be reminded of this. What was your favorite story book? Keep in mind that these are right now questions. What is your favorite fruit? A boat. Pointing makes me sad. Who is your favorite cousin? When our children notice that we care about them they feel a strong sense of belonging and significance. Daddies are…three. Tell me something about this year that you never want to forget.

What does daddy do for work? Are we done yet?

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Walk, and the zoo. Who inspires you? What is something you wonder about? What do you want to be when you grow up? If you could only eat one thing for a whole week, what would you choose? What are you really good at? What is your favorite animal?

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Child interview age 8

What food might you want to try in the next year? I was scribbling the notes as fast as I could so we could get back home for homework and a reasonable bedtime. What is something that you wish for? He goes on a boat. What is your favorite tv show? If you care to share a photo of your experience on social media, be sure to tag me so that I can see! What other questions might you add to this list?
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25 Fun Year End Interview Questions For Kids