Case study of aileen wurnos

The defense presented the following 2 main arguments in the fight for Wuornos innocence: The first argument claimed that Aileen Wuornos only killed Mallory out of self defense to keep him from raping her.

This demonstrates that she lacked self-direction. There are no signs of hope or redemption for this broken woman.

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Personality: Wuornos personality was also shaped by many other negative factors in her life. An average IQ is between 90 to Wuornos' acts of prostitution showed both risk taking and no regard for the outcome of her actions.

There was no evidence that she received treatment, nor was there a clear message about whether treatment could have helped.

Wall's only motivation was to be kept by another woman. The confession tape was the most convincing evidence to the jury.

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Two behaviors are required and Ms. United States. Role Models: Aileen Wuornos did not have positive influence from role models in her life. Wuornos in recognizing her true emotions and remaining cognizant of these feelings and the feelings of others.

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Case Study of a Female Serial Killer: Aileen Wuornos by Emily Li on Prezi