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This incident makes Anna have some psychological problems. He was mourning. This is when you love so selfishly, lustfully, and recklessly that the relationship becomes more important than your self-preservation. In her mind Anna has created this image of how Vronksy should be. Metodologi Penelitian Kualitatif. Both characters, Anna and Levin, demonstrate how and how not to accomplish this. This problem that Anna faces is the beginning of the journey that will eventually lead to her suicide. It is indicates when she drank after getting angry at Vronsky. She kept silent to represent her jealousy. Why are you? And, I was pleased to help him. Curiosity and a desire to push the limits stunt the worthwhile goal of a lasting contentment.

In her status as a married woman, it is impossible to love another man. Even from the beginning, she sees her love for him as a beautiful thing, and he sees is as being humiliating for her.

You will deprive yourself of the relationships and experiences in which simple happiness is found, like the care and nurturing of children, family and loved ones, tending to the suffering of others, relationship with God, nature or existence, and the relationship you have to yourself, psychologically and spiritually.

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He was having an affair with a much younger woman whom he wished to marry. Remaja Rosdakarya. You are not alone.

Posted on 07 December Anna, Vronsky and Levin are in their early 30s, young in today's terms, but Tolstoy doesn't provide them with an earlier generation to backstop them, or to be remembered. He uses his connections to get a cushy, well-paid government job and is selling off his wife's properties cheaply, yet still struggles to afford the life he thinks he deserves.

For a short time, Anna and Vronsky share life with each other and have a child.

As the book goes on, in step with Tolstoy's increasing religiosity and his disenchantment with the project, he does put an increasing and sometimes oppressive emphasis on women's role as mothers. By all appearances, you seem like a thrill-seeker. Along almost the same lines, Anna is becoming unhappy because of her own thoughts. The principal characters in Anna Karenina are literally part of one big formerly slave-owning family. Grief-stricken and ashamed, Vronsky is covering his face with his hands; Anna orders her husband, who is also weeping, to pull the hands away and expose her lover's face. Moleong, Lexy J. The most powerful passages are those where Tolstoy slows time down to note each thought, gesture and feeling of Anna and her lover Vronsky, with a third entity present — the narrator — not only lodged deep in the two psyches, but standing back to tell us the ways in which one is misunderstanding the other. She accused that Vronsky felt in love with her, but it is impossible that Anna felt in love with him. Vronsky restores his honour by shooting himself he misses. Regression The regression as one of kinds of ego defense mechanism is also done by Anna. She is the main character of this novel.

It is proved that by drinking, she can relieve her fear and anxiety caused by Madam Kartasov utterances. It is shown when she met Vronsky in railway station firstly. Vronksy sees his relationship with Anna getting worse as time goes on.

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My job is to make him conscious, so that he knows what he is doing and can accept the full consequences of any action that he takes. Anna Karenina is no Romeo and Juliet story of star-crossed teenagers unjustly destroyed by their elders' cruel laws, but a story of adults vexed by boundaries.

This is the first time since they met that we begin to see a disconnect in their relationship. This meeting is the beginning of the disconnect in their relationship that will eventually lead to the end. There-right in the middle! At the beginning, the love they had was so strong and passionate, and now she has changed. Anna Karenina. For a spacious novel so concerned with families there's a mysterious absence at the heart of Anna Karenina. You want to breathe the same air as your lover breathes, as did Anna with Count Vronsky, and to be so deeply connected together that the outside world ceases to exist. Even while we're in a character's head, it's the narrator who recounts the character's experiences through liberal use of such unfashionable phrases as "she thought", "he felt" and "it seemed to him that". Tolsyoy, 73 3. Furthermore, the object of study is ego defense mechanism in the main character, Anna Karenina who experienced the psychological problems. She became his greatest happiness and reason to be.
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Anna Karenina: A Study in Character