An analysis of the main themes in star wars harry potter and the lord of the rings

Such scenes evoke a transcendent spiritual realm that is on a higher plane of existence than the world of crude bodies.

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The purpose of structure is to facilitate the magic of art. In my seminars, I use the following analogy: Every genius that has ever lived had a skeleton.

Main idea of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

By tracing a portrait of radical evil and following the call of deadly violence to erase it, the Harry Potter dramas are of questionable value for children and adolescents. Because it is amazing and incredible that an infinity of incredible artworks emerge from three primary colours and an endless glory of piano music emerges from the limits these 12 notes impose. George Lucas does seem to have fashioned a notion of The Force as a kind of monistic multiplicity that could be viewed as in some ways consistent with what has been described herein as holistic synagonism. The dominant emphasis director Peter Jackson places on scenes of graphically depicted battle and war within the context of an extraordinarily Manichean universe insures that any mild- mannered ways of the Hobbits of the Shire are lost amidst a sea of carnage. Through the wonders of current cinematic technology these new frontiers are presented in visually spectacular sequences of scenes and landscapes that provide a stimulating background for a re-creation of grand mythic structures that rival and replace those of the Hollywood Western. By Baboulene 1st August 0 Comment Traditionally, we have looked for the source of the magic of story in popular classics. On Religion. Consequently, as argued in Chapter Twelve, the degree of polarization in stories for young audiences must remain a focus of attention for those concerned about the effects of violence in fictional entertainment. New York: Routledge, In fact, Voldemort's statement, with its quasi- Nietzschean moral savvy, may be regarded as a postmodern-styled reinscription of premodern radical moral dualism insofar as the film remains well within the context of a highly polarized and value-weighted conflict. Even here, however, judgment is necessary. Similarly, the sideshow conflict between Potter and Malfoy presents an opportunity for Rowling to model in her stories a healthy response to bullying. These oppositions also retain classic hierarchical ordering. And in the second film of the first trilogy of films, The Empire Strikes Back , the conflict assumes many of the characteristics of tragic drama when it is revealed that Darth Vader is Luke's father. Star Wars It has been argued by some that in their broad popularity and phenomenal influence these new myths of the frontier have challenged and to some degree replaced the cultural influence of institutional religion for the current generation of youth.

It offers yet another narrative that identifies a source of true evil for purposes of elimination. We analyse the arrangement of information to try to find the common story structures that are possibly why a story is special. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter [he pinches Luke's skin].

An analysis of the main themes in star wars harry potter and the lord of the rings

Almost every minute of screen time is obsessively devoted to the oppressively heavy burden of planning and actively carrying out the complete destruction of evil.

Or three. The melodrama of Lord of the Rings functions as an epic morality play, and, like all morality plays, it never poses a moral choice that requires any soul-searching or reflection.

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Harry Potter vs. Lord of Rings