An analysis of the concept of the role of a consumer in the united states of america

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Lastly, for the same reasons, the food industry's communications capabilities can benefit public understanding of the complex nature of the many issues that arise. Jobs supported by U.

An analysis of the concept of the role of a consumer in the united states of america

Labuza, T. Some of these factors, such as value, are exclusively in the domain of industry and consumers; while others, such as safety, are shared interests of government, industry and consumers. Setting and implementing food standards At the heart of all food control activities is the establishment of safety, quality and labelling standards. Any safety standards that are developed have real costs for governments, industry and consumers. Clearly, food control involves many difficult issues. These numbers can provide governments and businesses with copious amounts of important information. But combined, these contractionary forces make the outlook for broad-based consumer spending growth challenging. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Bernanke, Ben. In addition, informing consumers about proper food handling should be a high priority for both government and industry. Conversely, spending decreases may indicate lower individual income or consumer confidence. While consumer spending plays an important role in the economy, these other factors can also provide information for businesses creating corporate or business strategies. America is the world's largest national economy and leading global trader. Trade remains an engine of growth for America.

The food industry has an essential role in the resolution of these food control issues because of its vested interest in the safety and marketing of foods. Louis Fed will only respond to comments if we are clarifying a point. Luxury purchases represent high quality, expensive of goods, such as jewelry or high-end durable goods.

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Third, governments must communicate with industry and consumers about food controls. Tight credit.

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Indeed, consumer communication with manufacturers is so frequent and important that most manufacturers have consumer affairs departments headed by a company officer to provide appropriate attention to this function. Expanding the production of America's most competitive industries and products, through exports, raises U. Consumer spending increases in these two categories usually represent individuals with higher income. Over the past 5 and one quarter years of recovery from the 2nd quarter of to the 3rd quarter of , U. Spending is an important role of consumers. A reflection of consumers' satisfaction is their continuing purchase of the same products. We reserve the right to remove or not publish inappropriate comments. Looking at year periods, the correlation between the private investment-spending share of the economy in any year and the economic growth rate in that year ranged between a low of 0. Unprecedented doses of monetary- and fiscal-policy stimulus since the recession began partly offset the contractionary forces on consumer spending noted above. Only a few policymakers have discussed the significant challenges posed by our consumer-dominated economy. You will also waive all moral rights you may have in any comment you submit. Businesses and governments should review economic indicators relating to these other items when gauging the overall health of the economy. Governments typically pay close attention to economic factors to measure the strength of an economy. The objective of all quality assurance systems used by food manufacturers and processors is to produce safe products that meet manufacturer's specifications, including the requirements established by governments.

Any safety standards that are developed have real costs for governments, industry and consumers. This approach is used mainly in developed countries, particularly the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and some other European Community countries. At the same time, governments should apply those controls that will assure real and meaningful safety benefits rather than merely perceived benefits.

Necessities, non-durable goods, durable goods and luxury items are types of consumer spending.

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Discretionary income is the amount of money consumers have after paying for basic goods, such as food, clothing and shelter.

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The Importance of Consumer Spending