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This is the mark of the true baddie. This figure made Scarface the 16th highest-grossing film ofand seventh highest grossing R-rated film in North America for Many newspapers and radio and television stations refuse to accept advertising for an X-rated film.

He later called his manager, producer Martin Bregmanand informed him of his belief in the potential for a remake of that film. John Travolta was considered for the role. In response, De Palma argued that his original version should be rated R if the latest version was now considered an R, rationalizing that the edits which he made were minor.

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To hide their deficiencies and discrepancies in his cloak of evil. Tony Camonte, the Chicago gangster in the ''Scarface,'' the role of the Italian-American mob boss that made Paul Muni a major star, is now called Tony Montana and played by Al Pacino with such mounting intensity that one half expects him to self- destruct before the film's finale.

De Palma refused to cut the film further and told the studio it would have to fire him and find someone else to re- edit the movie.

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He was so certain ''Scarface'' would receive an X rating that he arranged for the appeal earlier this week, he said.

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Why I love … the confident evil of Tony Montana