A literary analysis of sestina

In "Daddy" there was a link between Plath 's writing and personal experience which was direct, explicit, and showed Plath 's motivation for writing the poem Is this the child's absent father? Sestina has mystery and magic.

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Even though the grandmother is laughing, it seems she is upset about something, because she's trying to hide her tears. The poem ends in a pretty imaginative way, with the almanac dropping imaginary moons from its pages into the flower bed of the kid's drawing, then saying "time to plant tears"; the grandmother singing to the stove; and the child drawing another scribble of a house with her crayons.

After reading this statement, it causes one to reflect more in-depth about how the poem was written, and not just about what its literal meaning lays out.

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It was still dark. The old grandmother and child sit beside the warm stove as autumnal rain continues and light fades.

in elizabeth bishop?s ?sestina,? which six words repeat in the envoi?
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Analysis Of Elizabeth Bishop 's Sestina Essay