A literary analysis of hedda gabler by henrik ibsen

hedda gabler character analysis

She had affair with Loevborg but she did not marry him because she was poor and his future was not secure. Brack says that Ejlert has very good prospects and that Tesman may have to compete with him for his professorship.

A literary analysis of hedda gabler by henrik ibsen

Hedda admonishes him for coming so "late" to pick up Mrs. This shows that because of her jealousy, she ultimately was at fault for her own death.

An example of her taking this to the extreme is when she convinces Eilert to shoot himself. However, he becomes horrified when Hedda tells him she has burned the manuscript. Author: Marian White. There are some moral, social and psychological problems in her. She pretends to try to shoot him. He also says that he no longer has the courage to face life. John T. She toys with others because she can find no solace or entertainment in life. Berte offers to fix the fire, but the selfless Mrs.

She begs Brack not to use the word "love," and she tells him that she married Tesman only because she was tired of the rigors of being single. The speed with which she comes to her senses and changes her tone is evidence of her vigilance in maintaining a calm, controlled exterior, even when she is feeling confused on the inside.

Tesman is seriously alarmed; Brack assures him that he should get the position anyway, but Hedda offers little sympathy. Through Thea, she wants to get more power of dominance. Elvsted, who hasn't been able to sleep.

She always thinks: what people would say about her. Thus, it is a major flaw in her character that she cannot compromise. Hedda Gabler is a naturalism type of dramatic writing, written by Henrik Ibsen who narrates Hedda Gabler as a scandalous, coward, egotistical and a deceiving character who wants to have freedom to do something and achieve it. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? Most helpful essay resource ever! It was so precious to them that it could be considered their child. His Father, Knud, was a successful merchant providing a plentiful life for his family, while his mother, Marichen, played the piano and loved theater. The character of Hedda Gabler centers around society and social issues. She does not sacrifice her ambitions for her husband; instead takes every such step which could ruin the respect of Tesman family.
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The Character of Hedda Gabler