A description of the slide rule as a mechanical device used by mostly engineers and scientists

In World War IIbombardiers and navigators who required quick calculations often used specialized slide rules.

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Throughout the s and s the slide rule was the symbol of the engineer's profession in the same way that the stethoscope symbolizes the medical profession. Expert on pocket watch slide rules and Fuller slide rules.

Graduated from Columbia University inreturning to earn a Ph.

Slide rule calculation supported

The highest accuracy scales are placed on the outer rings. With his original design and later improvements, Coggeshall's slide rule brought the tool its first practical use outside of mathematical study. Leaving his job a few years after graduating, he drove around America for months at a time to visit engineering departments of military and industrial organizations. Most people think that the only type of slide rule is the one that is straight and almost resembles a ruler. Contributor to the Journal of the Oughtred Society. When a modern pocket calculator is used, the precision may be displayed to seven or more decimal places, while in reality the results can never be of greater accuracy than the input data available. Fowler, participated in the development of Fowler's circular 'pocket watch' calculators. These often had common calculations directly expressed as special scales, for example loan calculations, optimal purchase quantities, or particular engineering equations.

There has been little practical interest in constructing one beyond the initial prototype, however. He had recently been appointed chairman of the company. Henri Chatelaine - c. Eckel later formed Precision Scale Company located in Phoenix, Arizona, producing all-metal slide rules to limited markets.

Materials[ change change source ] Traditionally slide rules were made out of hard wood such as mahogany or boxwood with cursors of glass and metal. Prefer saying to be first a Slide Rules Lover and then by consequence a collector. A basic slide rule from the ?

Many computer centers had a framed slide rule hung on a wall with the note "In case of emergency, break glass. Collector, Member of Oughtred Society.

How to make a slide rule

After many tries, Jiro Hemmi made his first slide rule using Moso bamboo plywood, a species of bamboo found mainly in Japan. Grandson of Joseph Halden. Contributor of scans to ISRM. Allan J. Conversely, a calculator can be difficult to operate in such situations — a slide rule is unlikely to result in an error similar to that resulting from mistakenly pressing the wrong button on a calculator. Wilhelm, a sensitive and artistically inclined person, suffered greatly from this loss and himself died tragically young at the age of just Oughtred Society Award There were many specialized slide rules for photographic applications; for example, the actinograph of Hurter and Driffield was a two-slide boxwood, brass, and cardboard device for estimating exposure from time of day, time of year, and latitude. Catt - Australia. Nataro conceived a new type of slide rule based on prosthaphaeresis , an algorithm for rapidly computing products that predates logarithms. This was especially useful for fractional powers. An engineer working for the Reiss company in Leipzig, and designed the Reiss Duplex slide rule He got passionate about his work, and when he was asked to make copies of a Mannheim slide rule, he was already the best scale maker of his time in Japan.
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