A brief history on the development of the internet

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The elections placed the Internet squarely at the forefront of politics and campaigning, a trend that is unlikely to change any time in the near future.

The emergence of Internet blog changed the identity of Netizen qualitatively, from accessing information to providing information to Web. Because the unique names called universal resource locators, or URLs are long, including the DNS name of the host on which they are stored, URLs would be represented as shorter hypertext links in other documents.

Early computers had a central processing unit and remote terminals. Internet hosts grow exponentially The number of computers connected to the Internet has grown dramatically from the network's humble beginnings, when it connected four computers at university research labs.

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Internet users top 1 billion Internet usage has exploded sincewhen researchers first started tracking this statistic. Although developments in computing and networking over the last 40 years have realized some of the potential described by visionaries such as Licklider and Engelbart, the field continues to offer many opportunities for innovation.

Engelbart was awarded the Association for Computing Machinery's A.

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For a few years, professional web BBS and personal website emerged in endlessly, they continuously to provide all kinds of information and services for Internet users. Digg , a social news site, launched on November of , paving the way for sites such as Reddit , Mixx, and Yahoo! During the s, networks were widely deployed, initially to support scientific research. Because of the Internet is extensive, the security has been a problem. He proposed a networking experiment in which users at one site accessed computers at another site, and he co-authored, with Licklider, a paper describing both how this might be done and some of the potential consequences Licklider and Taylor, The bad information and Internet network crime pose a danger and threats on youth's physical and mental health and safety. Spam grows to be costly, dangerous Back in , an estimated 15 billion spam messages were sent over the Internet daily.

An administrative entity, such as a university department, can assign host names as it wishes. The domain name system was important in that it made addresses on the Internet more human-friendly compared to its numerical IP address counterparts.

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This approach had a potential drawback: if two stations attempted to transmit at the same time, then their transmissions would interfere with each other, and neither one would be received.

Like, directly click comments information under News, post photos on Filckr and videos on Youtube. By combining the immediacy of the telephone with the precision of written communication, e-mail became an instant hit.

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The History of the Internet in a Nutshell