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He originally proposes to Suellen but Scarlett steals him in order to have enough money to pay the taxes on Tara and keep it. Mitchell's narrative itself is quite beautiful and the characters broad and occasionally larger than life.

Attempting to avenge his wife, Frank and the Ku Klux Klan raid the shantytown whereupon Frank is shot dead.

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After divorcing her first husband, she married again, this time to a man who shared her interest in writing and literature. She offered to have the watch engraved with the words, "To Pork from the O'Haras—Well done good and faithful servant," [72] but Pork declined the offer. She's never had anything but heart. At a barbecue at the Wilkes plantation the next day, Scarlett confesses her feelings to Ashley. In more recent times, the membership of lead characters in the Ku Klux Klan is also problematic. The city became the supply and logistics base for Sherman's Atlanta Campaign. He is the "dark, mysterious, and slightly malevolent hero loose in the world". Scavenging for subsistence, a furious Scarlett vows never to go hungry again. More than anything I saw his slow conquering of Scarlett's heart as a parallel to the slow enveloping of the South by the North until they realized they were dependent on their conquerors but could still maintain their fierce spirit, a marriage of North and South. People who unscrupulously use their womanly charms to get ahead and carry a deep disdain for those bound by concepts of kindness, morals, or intelligence and most especially for those who see them for what they are instead of being manipulated. Scarlett desperately wants to return home to Tara, but she has promised Ashley she will stay with the pregnant Melanie, who could give birth at any time. And it is up to us to appropriate the irony of the text against racism and sinful pride of heritage in every age and culture. You see that in Scarlett.

As a young widow, Scarlett gives birth to her first child, Wade Hampton Hamilton, named after his father's general. Scarlett kills him with Charles's pistol, and sees that Melanie had also prepared to fight him with a sword.

In their conversation, she comes away believing Ashley still loves her and is jealous of her intimate relations with Rhett, which excites her.

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After studying at Smith College for a year, during which time her mother died from the pandemic fluMitchell returned to Atlanta. She is seriously ill for the first time in her life, having lost her child and broken her ribs.

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Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell