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Vague terms, lack of specificity, and an abundance of red pencil marks make it harder to write well, not easier. Studies about classroom strategies for writing A growing body of research has shed light on classroom strategies and practices that improve the quality of student writing.

Activity: Rice Cakes or Salsa? Keep an eye on the clock and, every two minutes, tell students to move on to a new event. Challenge them to capture the fluidity of the music in their writing. Have students read their paragraphs aloud and see if classmates can guess the card. Evidence on the importance of writing Writing skills are important for an increasing number of jobs National Commission on Writing ; Executive Office of the President Julio had thought he was done.

Activity: Music to Our Ears. Use this analogy frequently. A toolbox of skills to give teachers and students a common vision for revision Grades PreK—K, 1—2, 3—5, 6—8 From Julio scans his teacher's comments on his short essay with increasing perplexity and frustration.

It really works when you write, 'The grasses swayed in the summer breezes like the curtains at my open window. Activity: Ten Minutes Only.

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